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By Nicole Esposito • June 25, 2021

Announcing our eSpark Game Competition Winners

At eSpark, it is extremely important to us that our curriculum is shaped from the input of the students and teachers who use our product daily. In an effort to gather fresh ideas that kids will love, we held our first ever eSpark Game Competition!

During the competition, eSparking teachers and their students were invited to submit new game ideas that would help students learn standards-aligned reading and math skills. Out of 70 impressive submissions, 10 winning ideas were selected by our Learning Design team to be turned into real eSpark games! These 10 winning classrooms also won the chance to virtually meet our eSpark game designers and share even more ideas with the team creating their games. We’re thrilled to officially recognize our first annual eSpark Game Competition winners! Drumroll, please...


Pet City

Teacher: Suzanne Kick
School: L Pearl Palmer Elementary School
Grade: 4th grade
Standard: Number & Operations in Base Ten (4.NBT.5)
Description: In this game, students must answer double-digit multiplication questions correctly in order to earn money and open new shops in Petsville.

During their Meet and Greet, these students gave incredible insight into what they would like their game to look like, as well as some really useful feedback on eSpark as a whole. After the visit, eSpark received this thoughtful note from the class:

“Team 216 wants to thank you for spending your time with us. Thanks for taking our suggestions about how to make eSpark even more AWESOME than it already is. You should be proud of spending your time helping students learn and developing their skills. We are excited to see Pet City come to life because we worked so hard on creating something that other kids can learn from.”

Rainbow Time

Teacher: Heather Kocjancic
School: South St. Marys Street Elementary School
Grade: 1st grade
Standard: Measurement & Data (2.MD.7)
Description: Rainbow Time is an exciting and colorful game that allows students to practice telling time. When students tell time correctly, they are able to advance to the next color of the rainbow.

During their Meet and Greet with eSpark’s Learning Designers, this class explained their strategy for coming up with their game. As a class, they reviewed all of the Mini-Lessons and games available on eSpark to discover topics that have not yet been covered.

Fashion Math

Teacher: Aleen Dutkanych
School: Evansville Attendance Center
Grade: 3rd grade
Standard: Number & Operations—Fractions¹ (3.NF.3.a)
Description: In Fashion Math, every time a student answers a multiplication question correctly, they receive money to buy clothes. Once they’ve purchased enough clothes, the student gets to celebrate by entering a fashion show!

Although it was already summer break for this class, a group of dedicated kiddos still joined to meet the eSpark team. They provided great design ideas for their game and asked eSpark’s Learning Designers really insightful questions.

Area Rescue

Teacher: Stephanie Wise
School: Gardner Elementary School
Grade: 3rd grade
Standard: Geometric Measurement: Recognize Perimeter (3.MD.8)
Description: In Area Rescue, students put on their firefighter hats and are tasked with finding the areas of rectangles. Once they determine the correct area of each shape, they are able to rescue people in need!

This class was inspired by the bravery of real-life firefighters while creating their game. They explained that other kids will enjoy playing this game because it offers them the chance to help others.

Mystery Math Imposter

Teacher: Allison Grimm (@thegrimmgang on Twitter)
School: Central Elementary School
Grade: 2nd grade
Standard: Number & Operations in Base Ten (2.NBT.5)
Description: Mystery Math Imposter allows students to practice mental math. This game was inspired by Among Us, a popular online game, but has some new twists and turns.

During eSpark’s visit with “The GrimmGang”, the students explained that their game could be used as a Mini-Lesson, a whole class lesson, or for individual students. They were really fascinated by the game creation process, and even gave several additional game ideas!

Jungle Jump

Teacher: Jamie Fiorelli
School: Edgewood Elementary School
Grade: 3rd grade
Standard: Operations & Algebraic Thinking (3.OA.6)
Description: Jungle Jump allows students to practice their addition skills. The goal of this game is to get Freddy Frog to his grandmother’s house by answering each addition problem correctly.

Castle Adventure

Teacher: Angie Osbon
School: Claiborne Christian School
Grade: Kindergarten
Standard: Operations & Algebraic Thinking (K.OA.5)
Description: In Castle Adventure, a princess is trapped in a tower guarded by a dragon, and wants to be rescued! In order to rescue the princess, students must answer math facts correctly.

During their Meet and Greet with eSpark’s Learning Designers, the students explained exactly how they want the castle and characters to look in their game. The attention to detail this class displayed was very impressive.

Robotic Rocking Sight Words!

Teacher: Shannon Shrader
School: Taylor Elementary School
Grade: Kindergarten
Standard: Reading: Foundational Skills (K.RF.3.c)
Description: In Robotic Rocking Sight Words, students are able to practice matching sight words with their meanings as they play alongside some fun robot friends.

During their Meet and Greet with eSpark, the class explained that they recently created “kind” robots in their classroom to learn how to treat others with kindness and respect. The students wanted to incorporate these “kind” robots into their game.

Decimal Kick

Teacher: Rachel Lutterman
School: White Mountain Elementary School
Grade: 5th grade
Standard: Reading: Number & Operations (5.NF.4.a)
Description: Decimal Kick takes place at a kickball game, where students must correctly answer decimal addition and subtraction questions in order to kick the ball and score points for their team.

During their Meet and Greet with eSpark’s Learning Designers, the class explained that Decimal Kick is based on a real kickball tournament at their school. White Mountain Elementary has been hosting this kickball game for their fifth graders for the past 15 years!

All of these ideas are in the process of being developed into real eSpark games that provide students with meaningful, engaging reading and math practice aligned to standards. Keep an eye out in the fall for the chance to play some of these winning games with your students!


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