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By Jaydra Hamid • August 25, 2020

7 Free Games to Get First Graders Excited About Math

Engage and excite your first graders with these fun math games! These educational games help your students learn important math concepts they’ll use for the rest of their lives.

Our team of former educators created each of these games, all tailored to Common Core standards. You can find all of these resources (and many more) within eSpark’s differentiated math curriculum. Try these free games with your students and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

1. Priscilla’s Shape Bakery

While helping Priscilla the Porcupine decorate some delicious cakes, your first graders will learn to distinguish shapes using defining attributes.

1.G.1 Priscilla’s Shape Bakery Game

Standard Alignment: 1.G.1 – Distinguish between defining attributes (e.g., triangles are closed and three-sided) versus non-defining attributes (e.g., color, orientation, overall size); build and draw shapes to possess defining attributes.

2. Time for the Train!

Students can practice telling time to the hour and half-hour, on both digital and analog clocks, in order to catch their train on time!

1.MD.3 Time for the Train! Game

Standard Alignment: 1.MD.3 – Tell and write time in hours and half-hours using analog and digital clocks.

3. Super Number Bonds – Tens and Ones

In this free and engaging game, first graders will practice making number bonds.

1.NBT.2.a Super Number Bonds – Tens and Ones Game

Standard Alignment: 1.NBT.2.a – 10 can be thought of as a bundle of ten ones — called a “ten”.

4. Flamingo Number Run

Your students can help Flippy the Flamingo find numbers by identifying symbols and using them to compare two-digit numbers.

1.NBT.3 Flamingo Number Run Game

Standard Alignment: 1.NBT.3 – Compare two two-digit numbers based on meanings of the tens and ones digits, recording the results of comparisons with the symbols >, =, and <.

5. Monroe’s Moon Math

Monroe the Martian needs your students’ help! As they learn to find 10 more or 10 less of the number displayed, they can help Monroe get back to Mars.

1.NBT.5 Monroe’s Moon Math Game

Standard Alignment: 1.NBT.5 – Given a two-digit number, mentally find 10 more or 10 less than the number, without having to count; explain the reasoning used.

6. Extreme Number Bonds – Number Families

In this interactive game, students apply properties of operations to practice addition and subtraction.

1.OA.3 Extreme Number Bonds – Number Families Game

Standard Alignment: 1.OA.3 – Apply properties of operations as strategies to add and subtract.

7. Downhill Derby

Your first graders will solve addition and subtraction equations while they race toward the finish line!

1.OA.7 Downhill Derby Game

Standard Alignment: 1.OA.7 – Understand the meaning of the equal sign, and determine if equations involving addition and subtraction are true or false.


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