How to Use iPads for Digital Research

The integration of iPads into the classroom puts a wealth of rich multimedia at students' fingertips. However, iPads can add an entirely new level of complexity to student research projects. How can you guide students to find a variety of quality sources without the iPad turning into a simple web browser? In this short video, School Partnership Manager and former teacher, Carrie Conover, describes an approach to help organize the digital research process for your students. Using our free, easy-to-use digital research template, teachers can maximize the use of their classroom iPads, encourage collaboration, and oversee the students' sourcing. Questions, comments, ideas for future how-to videos? Feel free to contact us.


As a School Partnership Manager at eSpark, Carrie leads professional development and provides ongoing support to teachers implementing blended learning in their classrooms. Prior to eSpark, Carrie was a teacher in the Chicago Public School system for 10 years and an early adopter of 1:1 iPads.