Blended learning isn’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why eSpark Learning customizes our personalized learning solution to your district’s unique needs. Because our product and services are highly customized, we tailor our pricing structure based on the customizations you select.

The cost of eSpark Learning for a school or district is based on three components:

  1. 1

    Number of students using eSpark or Frontier (student licenses)

  2. 2

    Number of teachers using eSpark or Frontier (professional development, ongoing support)

  3. 3

    Cost of third-party apps (eSpark only – sustainable library of iOS apps owned by the district)

The eSpark Learning program is eligible for federal, state, and local funding sources. To learn more, explore the information and helpful links in our Grants and Funding section or call 312-894-3100 ext. 2.

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We’re passionate about helping educators use technology to deliver truly student-centric learning that unlocks everyone’s unique genius.

David Vinca Founder & CEO of eSpark Learning

I chose iPads and eSpark because I wanted to increase student engagement and achievement. iPads are by far the most engaging device for students. With eSpark, we can now personalize instruction, extend the classroom day, and change the way we teach and learn.

Dr. Michael Nagler Superintendent of Mineola Public Schools


eSpark Learning partners with forward-thinking school districts around the country who are ready to invest in their teachers and technology to create an exceptional learning experience. From small, rural schools to nationally recognized districts, our diverse partnerships all share eSpark Learning's mission of empowering teachers and students with innovative technology.

Browse our case studies to learn more about our current district partnerships and the impact eSpark Learning has made in their classrooms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get eSpark or Frontier for my child at home?

Currently we only work directly with schools and school districts, but we would love for you to share information about eSpark or Frontier with your child’s school administrators to see if our program could be a good fit for students in your community. If your child already uses our tools at school, speak with his or her teacher to see if he or she would recommend that your child work on their personalized curriculum at home.

Which grade levels and subject areas does eSpark work with?

eSpark’s curriculum covers grades PreK–6 in Math and ELA for General Education classrooms. Our curriculum also serves grades 7 and 8 for RtI and Special Education. Within the ELA strands, there are missions for Reading Informational Text, Reading Literature, and Reading Foundational Skills (K–3).

Which grade levels and subject areas does Frontier work with?

Frontier’s curriculum covers grades 3-8 in Math and ELA for General Education classrooms.

Is eSpark available on devices other than the iPad?

Not at this time. We are keeping tabs on other platforms, but currently, only the iOS platform offers the highest quality educational content that meets the rigorous criteria to be included in eSpark's digital curriculum.

What devices does Frontier work with?

Frontier is a web-based platform, and compatible with Chromebooks, laptops, desktops, and tablets. At this point in time, G Suite for Education (Google Apps) is required to access Frontier. G Suite for Education is free for K-12 schools. You can forward this link to your tech team, and they should be able to get you setup quickly:

What types of student assessment data does eSpark work with?

eSpark currently accepts data from nationally-normed third-party assessments including NWEA MAP, STAR, iReady, and Let's Go Learn. If your district does not use any of these assessments, we are happy to explore whether your existing assessment data meets the requirements for our diagnosis process.

Are the apps you include in your personalized learning plans free or paid?

Both. Our Learning Design team works very hard to minimize cost and include as many free and 'lite' versions of apps as possible. In some cases, that isn't an option (e.g. when a free app contains ads). Generally, about 20% of all apps in the eSpark curriculum are free. Additionally, many of the apps are part of Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP) which provides considerable cost-savings to districts. Frontier, our web-based tool, is built around free digital resources at no cost to districts.

Does eSpark work with Special Education or RTI programs?

Yes; Frontier and eSpark have proven to be successful with many diverse student populations, including Special Education and Response-to-Intervention. Each student receives personalized content delivered at his or her diagnosed learning level, making eSpark and Frontier perfect solutions for meeting the needs of students in inclusive classrooms or pull-out intervention models. Learn more about eSpark in a Response-to-Intervention program or how to use eSpark and iPads in Special Education.

Are eSpark and Frontier activities aligned to the Common Core State Standards?

Yes. All of the apps, videos, and performance challenges that our Learning Design team curated for eSpark and Frontier aligns to Common Core standards. When using eSpark or Frontier, students encounter a variety of activities targeting the same skill to appeal to various learning styles, provide context to real-word applications, and promote critical thinking.

What school districts in my state use eSpark/Frontier?

We currently work with school districts across 20 states. If you'd like more information on the partnerships near you or to set up a call or site visit with a current eSpark partner, please contact us.

Can I get a free trial of eSpark?

To accurately experience the eSpark program, we need to work directly with real student data to configure the appropriate personalized profiles. While this prevents us from offering free trials, we invite you to request a demo. We will email you a link to a free, interactive walk-through of the eSpark app.

Can I get a free trial of Frontier?

Many teachers qualify for a free 2-month trial of Frontier. If you’re interested in piloting Frontier in your classroom, sign up for your trial.

How much does eSpark/Frontier cost?

Our pricing is very customized, just like the services we provide. Please visit our pricing section above for more information and to request a custom quote.