Understandable, actionable data tools

eSpark provides teachers and school leaders with understandable data that goes beyond simple progress monitoring to help inform instruction. With eSpark, educators receive the actionable data they need to link students' learning needs to academic outcomes.

Transparent online dashboards

Teachers and school leaders can log in to robust online dashboards to track daily usage, view quiz scores and student-created videos, and monitor academic progress to identify opportunities for follow-up, intervention, and celebration.

Want an inside look at eSpark? You can tour the full student app experience and data dashboards for teachers in our interactive demo.

eSparkBeat email alerts

eSparkBeat is a tool created for teachers by teachers to get a pulse on their classroom. While students are working on their personalized learning plans, eSparkBeat synthesizes key insights from the teacher dashboard into a weekly email with the most important classroom events communicated in easy to understand terms.

Identify intervention opportunities

Based on data from the online dashboard, teachers can identify concepts students may be struggling with and deliver a targeted mini-lesson to supplement their eSpark work.

Interim achievement analysis

To inform administrators’ decision making, we analyze third-party assessment data from the beginning, middle, and end of each school year to measure the effect of eSpark on student achievement.

To learn more about eSpark's impact on academic achievement, explore our district case studies:

"What are the results of eSpark in districts like mine?"

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"My personal understanding of each child’s needs has improved, which I feel is a direct result of the increased time I can spend with each student, as well as the data and video feedback I receive from eSpark."

Maureen Langenderfer, Kindergarten Teacher and eSpark Certified Educator