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Build better readers and writers through inquiry based lessons

Google Drive Integration | grades 3-8 | For Laptop/Tablet

Real world non-fiction texts facilitate writing as a response to reading

Frontier gives teachers high quality lessons that build better writing skills through curated, real world non-fiction resources.

Each lesson includes writing tasks and an embedded DOK 4 level assessment that requires students to synthesize learnings from multiple sources.


Leveled texts and supports to reach all students

With many different learning needs in a classroom, Frontier provides resources for students on, below and above grade level within the same lesson.

This makes it easy for teachers to meet students at their level while teaching the whole group.


Customizable lessons aligned to your district’s needs

Each lesson is aligned to state standards, and teachers can create new lessons using our research-backed framework.

Teachers can also add or remove activities and edit rubrics to tailor the lesson for their students.


Lessons that build better writers

Engage students with inquiry based lessons at their level

3rd Grade RL

Argumentive Writing

Should people keep wild animals as pets?


My wild pet

Write a letter to Wonderopolis about whether or not we should keep wild animals as pets. Explain which animals are pet-worthy, which animals are not, and why.

4th Grade RI

Argumentive Writing

Is LeBron the best basketball player ever?


My Lebron James blog

Write a blog entry on myespnforkids.com explaining why LeBron James is or is not the best basketball player that has ever lived.

6th Grade RL

Narrative Writing

Why do people turn to the dark side?


My Star Wars creation

Imagine you are a Star Wars screenwriter and write a brief movie script in which Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader’s heroic son, turns to the dark side.

8th Grade RI & RL

Narrative Writing

What is Art?


My understanding of art

How do you know what art is? Is it just paintings and sculptures? Is graffiti art? Is hip-hop? Does art have to be beautiful? In this Frontier you’ll look at many different things people consider art and have to decide for yourself what art really is. In your project you will create your own work of art and explain why you consider it art.

Accelerate achievement with Frontier


School Year

Fall 2016 - Winter 2017


737 students using Frontier in grades 6-8

“Frontier is an active, engaging, motivational tool to get [students] to write. I can sit up in front and talk about writing, and why writing is important. But if you don’t give them a true purpose or a true choice of what they want to write about, or something that’s engaging, they’re not going to write.”

– 5th Grade Teacher


In early 2017, Propel Schools in Pennsylvania analyzed the assessment data of 737 6-8th grade students using Frontier for the fall semester.

Students who had higher usage in Frontier (read and responded to more than 30 Frontier resources) exceeded their midyear growth expectations as determined by the NWEA MAP assignment.

By comparison, students who had lower Frontier usage (read and responded to 15 or less Frontier resources) demonstrated learning loss, and were unable to achieve their expected growth in ELA domains.


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