Our mission is to re-imagine learning so it's student centered; enabling students to succeed in school and life.

Our Values

Sense of purpose

We are inspired to fulfill a mission larger than ourselves. We recognize that every person on our team has an important role to play in helping students and teachers grow.


We work hard to deliver software and services that are truly valuable to schools, teachers, and the students they serve. We are resilient, persisting through obstacles and collaborating across teams in pursuit of solutions.


We strive to be spectacularly great at a few things. We have discipline to say no to many things and focus on what’s most important.

Learning fast

We seek out compelling data and research so we have the opportunity to change our approach quickly to best serve our students.

Healthy skepticism

We ask questions rigorously and are always transparent and humble. We value tough, constructive questioning and thoughtful dissenting perspectives, believing that our students deserve nothing less.

Meet the Team

Our Investors